LED Lighting

Cheaper to run and maintain - it's estimated that LED lighting can reduce energy consumption by as much as 90% when compared to other forms of lighting. LED lights last up to 8 times times longer than compact fluorescents, which means you not only save on electricity costs but maintenance costs too. 

Cool to touch
LED lights produce significantly less heat which lowers the threat of fires caused by overheated bulbs or down lights, and lowers your cooling consumption.

Full Brightness
LED's light up at full brightness when you switch them on - no more waiting for lights to heat up to achieve full brightness. The quality of light produced is superior to all other types of lighting.

LED Lighting - Applications
    •    Accent lighting
    •    Directional lighting
    •    Floodlights (indoor and outdoor)
    •    Architectural lighting
    •    Display lighting & retail
    •    Landscape/garden/decking lighting
    •    Sign lighting
    •    Globes
    •    Street lighting & park lanterns