Energy Auditing

We provide Levels 1, 2 and 3 energy audits for our clients. All our audits comply with the Australia Standard AS3598:2000.

Level 1 Energy Audit

  • We perform a site inspection and identification of causes of energy wastage.
  • Your energy bill is analysed and we identification of seasonal patterns and check your tariff. We then seek to negotiate a better energy tariff for the client.
  • We provide a short report highlighting the various measures that could be employed to save energy. This includes cost estimates and payback periods. This is a high level report providing accuracy to about 40%. 
  • You can then take this information and decide to proceed with a more detailed audit, and investigate options further


Level 2 Energy Audit

  • In addition to the Level 1 energy audit analysis, a more detailed inspection will be performed at your site. 
  • All of your major appliances / equipment are checked for energy efficiency.
  • We use site specific energy usage metres to gather more detailed information about your site’s energy usage patterns. 
We then analyse this data to determine the main issues and where the biggest gains are to be made.
  • We compile a report that is within 20% accuracy outlining expected energy savings and estimate costs required to achieve those savings.


Level 3 Energy Audit

  • In addition to the Level 1 andy 2 energy audit analysis, we perform a very detailed site inspection to gather very specific data about your site’s energy usage
  • We take onsite maximum demand measurements, then graph and analyse the results.
  • We compile a detailed report containing a list of recommendations and the a more accurate cost to achieve savings.
  • If required we compile a full life cycle costing & payback period analysis for your financial assessment.