Mass Energy have now completed Geelong's Greenlight Project.

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Earlier this year we completed Geelong's Greenlight Project alongside some of the region's key businesses - such as Godfrey Hurst, Insulpak, Alcoa, Target and the CSIRO. 

The 18 month program gave us a valuable behind-the-scenes look at the challenges, wants and needs of businesses looking to improve sustainability. Together, we searched for specific ways to reduce the consumption of materials, energy, water and the associated waste streams and greenhouse gas emissions.

In addition to providing a wealth of resources (such as benchmarking, supply chain analysis and sustainable business assessment tools) the program demonstrated the need for local businesses to work together to achieve the common goal of increased sustainability within the community.

The program also provided a valuable perspective to our staff, in terms of the 'big-picture', giving a greater context to Mass Energy's contribution to the solution, and was a persistent reminder that the work we do is something to be proud of.

We would like to give a big thanks to Deane Bellfield, who was the Principal Program Facilitator, as well as all the course contributors, for delivering a valuable learning experience. We would also like to thank our fellow participants - we learned so much from each other over the course of the program.

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