Smarter Resources, Smarter Business Program

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For businesses looking to cut costs and sharpen performance through resource efficiency - help is at hand. The Smarter Resources, Smarter Business program is a $10 million dollar, three-year assistance program providing funding for medium sized Victorian businesses (defined as having between 20 and 199 employees). 

A variety of funding opportunities are available: 

  • Capital Funding (capital investments to improve resource efficiency)
  • Resource assessments (for energy or materials assessment)
  • Implementation planning (for scoping works, design analysis and feasibility studies)
  • Funding application support (for preparing applications for third party grants)

Businesses who receive funding will be on the front-foot by staying competitive and efficient. It makes good business sense to implement measures to reduce resource consumption, including electricity. 

If you think your business might be eligible, contact us and we can assist you with your application for The Smarter Resources, Smarter Business Program, along with finding ways to reduce your power consumption. 

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